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Grade 10 Science -
thought by a Nuclear Physicist

A concept can be explained in a thousand different ways. Learn through examples, illustrations and relatable demonstrations so you don't just remember, you understand the lesson.

  • Expand your textbook knowledge, through examples, visualizations and additional information
  • Learn in a fun and interactive way through hand-crafted videos
  • Access past papers, MCQs and short-notes on the go and track your progress
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Learn Smart

Carefully studied and hand crafted to perfection.

  1. Preparation

    Each lesson is separated, researched and prepared into much larger content pieces by a world class education expert.

    Preparation Tactics
  2. Visualization

    A team of writers and editors breathe life into the content and script it for video production working closely with the educators.

    Content Scripting
  3. Presentation

    Expert actors, animators and videographers craft the perfect lesson which is then validated for accuracy and effectiveness.

    The Perfect Lesson

Textbooks cover so much of information in such short detail, it's easy to get left behind. Ultraclass solves this.


Deepika Rye

Grade 10 Student

Finding exam papers and preparing for them was a nightmare, I wouldn't be able to work as efficiently as I do today without the Ultraclass platform helping me manage everything.

Pricing made simple.

With Ultraclass, you get a per-subject license or an all-access pass to a grade with one, simple to understrand annual price. Each plan comes with 15 days of free service.

  • Access to subjects
  • Access to grades
  • Support
  • Data retention
All-Access Pass

Rs. 6,000 /yr

  • Access to subjects: Unlimited
  • Access to grades: 1 grade
  • Support: Email, Phone, Forum
  • Data retention: 5 years
Single Subject Pass

Rs. 4,000 /yr

  • Access to subjects: Limited to 1
  • Access to grades: 1 grade
  • Support: Forum
  • Data retention: 1 Year